Year of Prayer 2023

St James Year of Prayer logo

In 2023 we want to commit to empowering the prayer life of the church with events that everyone can get involved in. We will focus on praying for growth in spirit, size and service. Please do join with us as we learn and pray together.

24/7 Day of Prayer

To start the year we had 24 hours of prayer on the first weekend of 2023. A great way to launch our Year of Prayer!

Monthly Prayer Breakfast

On the first Saturday of each month we have a Prayer Breakfast at 9am for an hour of prayer, followed by bacon butties. The next one is Saturday August 5th at 9am.

Home Group

On Thursday nights a group meets regularly to pray and sometimes to do gardening and other jobs around church. Message for more information.

Prayer for events and mission

We want to cover all our events and missional activities in prayer. We know that not everyone can walk the parish or go into schools to deliver assemblies, but we want those activities to be covered with prayer.

Prayer for Growth

We will be using the Leading Your Church Into Growth Prayer regularly in Sunday worship and we want every church member to use the cards distributed earlier this year to continue this regular prayer at home. If you haven’t got a card, they are available in the entrance hall, or see Martin.

Prayer for Church Growth

God of Mission

Who alone brings growth to your Church,

Send your Holy Spirit got give

Vision to our planning,

Wisdom to our actions,

And power to our witness.

Help our church to grow in numbers,

In spiritual commitment to you,

And in servie to our local community,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.